From Death to Life... Literally

September 17, 2017

You never know what to expect on any day in Haiti. 

To say that no day is the same is definitely the understatement of all time. 

September 17,2017 was no different. 

Sure, it seemed like a normal Sunday morning until we arrived at the church pavilion and there was a man sitting five rows back on the far right side of the bench. 

He looked like he had either been awake for 48 hours, drunk, or on drugs. 

There was very little eye contact made, he was lethargic, and his eyes were extremely yellow.

His name is Akanj Renee and he was a zombie. 


I don't mean that he was acting like a zombie (even though he was minus the whole brain eating thing) but he is actually considered a zombie in Haiti.

To make a long story short, Voodoo priests will poison some people and bury them alive. They will either make the dirt very shallow or they will go back and dig their grave up to make the impression that the people were dead and are now the walking dead. The Voodoo priests will them make them into slaves.

This particular zombie slave was one of a very prominent Voodoo priest who is now dead (read that story here).

As he gave his testimony and why he wanted to be baptized, he revealed that he was getting baptized because Jesus came to him in a revelation. 

Wait, doesn't that only happen in those far away Middle East countries?

Oh no? Well, then it must happen only in the book of Acts right?



Jesus gives us revelations. This man's was that Jesus told him he must be baptized and serve Jesus ONLY. No more Voodoo.

So, there he was. In church. He was both the walking dead and dead in his sins. Now he has been given life. 


To all nations.