One Spark Can Ignite a Country

I have always been fascinated by the stories about secret churches in China gathering in secret in someone's house to study the Bible. They spend hours pouring over scripture at great risk just to learn about Jesus.

In my mind I imagine many of them crammed into one small room as they share copies of the Bible and devour every word.

I've always wanted to be a part in something like that.

I firmly believe the same thing can happen in Haiti through teaching and discipleship multiplication.

While Bibles are certainly not banned in Haiti, followers of Christ are directly persecuted in their communities if they're actively and aggressively making disciples. 

However, all it takes is one little spark to ignite a movement and set everyone on fire for the Gospel.

Let me introduce you to Gerald. 


Gerald is always present at my daily Bible study. Even if he is slightly late, he can be seen sprinting up to the church pavilion to get a seat and not miss too much. 

Even though he is a new believer, Gerald is constantly asking about how to teach scripture through words and actions in his community of Jacasse, a community that has two very active Voodoo parastyles among the homes. 

The other day before Bible study I was sitting with Gerald. As we sat there together you could hear the metal pavilion roof heat up from the hot sun.

"We don't get enough time to study during the week," he said (in Kreyol of course). "Can we start coming on Saturdays so we can have a lot more time?"

Okay, to understand his desire fully you have to know that it would take him at least an hour to get to our base from his house and then at least another hour to get back home going up the mountain, not to mention coming back to where he works on his day off. 

In Gerald I see a strong spirit of a pastor, a teacher, and a servant. He quietly and humbly helps whoever has the smallest need.

I pray and hope that Gerald is the spark needed to set the area of Thomazeau on fire for the Gospel. I pray and hope that in the future he is responsible for many more bible studies that have been multiplied and spread out all over the mountains. I pray and hope that through Gerald the Gospel reaches un-reached communities all over the globe.

I pray and hope that God will use more people like Gerald to build His Kingdom here.

To all nations.