We are called to be leavers...

In early February of 2014, I received a word from the Lord that would change my life forever.

Early one morning while I was soundly sleeping under my mosquito net in Haiti, I was immediately woken up. It wasn't the slow wake up and roll out of bed to get a cup of coffee. I was instantly WIDE awake.

That's when I heard it.

"Get up."

I don't know if you've ever felt like you hear the Lord speaking to you, but I firmly believe that I was hearing Him. It was an undeniable command; like even if I tried I couldn't defy the simple command.

Slightly confused as to what was happening I got out of my bed (the rest of the guys in my bunk room were still sound asleep while I stood barefoot against the cool ground.)

It wasn't long until I received the next command that I couldn't refuse.

"Go to the roof."

Again I felt the uncontrollable pull to follow the instruction that was just given to me.

As I climbed the stairwell to the roof I felt as though I was doing exactly what I needed to be doing. It was the strangest sense of peace.

When I got to the roof the sun was just starting to rise.

I inhaled through my nose and smelled the burning charcoal. I could hear donkeys and chickens all around me. The breeze was blowing gently on my face.

Then I heard the command that would alter all the plans I had made for myself.

"This will be your home one day."

God wasn't joking, either. Three years later I'm living in the same house where I received the message from God to move to Haiti and I still get to enjoy sunrises from the same roof.

When God commands something, He means for it to happen.

God calls us to be leavers. We are to be people who go to the difficult places to deliver the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This isn't a new idea. God has been doing this since the beginning of time.

Take Abraham for example. He left Ur to go to a place that God hadn't even given him directions to yet. God simply told Abraham to go!

Moses? He was called to go and lead the people from Egypt to the promised land.

King David frequently left to fight battles in the Lord's name.

The prophets of the Old Testament were called to go preach to people who often wouldn't even listen to them.

John the Baptist was sent into the wilderness and then back to preach the coming of Jesus.

All twelve disciples were given direct orders from Jesus Himself to go to all nations.

Paul was called to go to multiple different places where he was beaten and imprisoned.

And finally, let's not forget the Ultimate Leaver, Jesus Christ, who left heaven to live among us and be the sacrifice for our sins when He was crucified on the cross.

So, why do we think we are any different than our heroes of the Bible?

Have we come to think that we are greater than they and can ignore the direct message from God to leave our comforts to spread His Gospel?

You may be thinking, "I'm a sender, not a leaver."

It's fantastic that you send!

But, if you make an elaborate meal do you say, "I'm a cook, not an eater." Surely not!

Would you only work out your right arm and ignore your left? No! You'd be completely weird to do that and you'd look like a very strange individual.

I hate to break it to you, but if you're a sender you're also called to be a leaver.

We have been instructed through the Great Commission to GO to all nations, all people groups, all languages, all cultures, all comfort levels, and all situations to tell people that there is one way to the Father and that is through Jesus Christ.

We cannot idly sit by and wait for the move of God.

We are the move of God.