One Spark Can Ignite a Country

One Spark Can Ignite a Country

I have always been fascinated by the stories about secret churches in China gathering in secret in someone's house to study the Bible. They spend hours pouring over scripture at great risk just to learn about Jesus.

In my mind I imagine many of them crammed into one small room as they share copies of the Bible and devour every word.

I've always wanted to be a part in something like that.

Preparing for a Disaster

The past week we were threatened with the impending destruction from the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean Basin. Hurricane Irma had been setting multiple records for sustained wind speeds and the ability to flip houses and boats. 

The storm was also extremely unpredictable. The path projections were constantly changing. Was it even possible to get an accurate projection on a storm this strong? I learned what a spaghetti model was and heard the term more than I ever wanted to.

As we began to make the necessary preparations for a category five hurricane, the storm began to turn north, and it kept turning north away from Haiti. 

While we are definitely rejoicing over the turn northward and away from us, we quickly turn to prayer for those it is now going to effect. 

A couple thoughts came out of this entire experience.

1. What are we praying for? Are we constantly praying for our own safety and not thinking about how it could affect others? Are we praying for storms in our lives to turn away from us and then backing off prayers when the storm smashes into other places because it's out of our backyard? Are we praying selfishly in a way that would harm others with the storm? Are we praying with the faith that we can stop the storm (thanks Bryan for reminding me of that.) We must be cognizant of the global impact of all situations and constantly be in prayer for all people; not just ourselves. 

2. Jesus calls us to the mission field and into difficult situations. When the difficult situations rear their ugly head, we don't buy a plane ticket and leave. Missions aren't pretty. They're dirty and messy and are riddled with storms. As ambassadors of Christ, we must reflect what He would do in all situations, even the frightening ones. Christ doesn't abandon His people in the worst of times. Neither do we. Even if it risks our lives, we take the risk with great joy because He gave His life up for us.

Please watch this video of the preparations made for a disaster to strike on the Live Beyond base and pray for those in the path of Irma. Also, pray for the return of Christ so we no longer have to suffer during storms.

To all nations.

The Most Important Question in Missions

First of all... I do not like the writing process. I'd much rather talk and make fun videos. So, I'm switching the blog over to a vlog format. Less typing, more talking.

Second, more often than not we become paralyzed by the question of what are we going to do when we hit the mission field. Sometimes we worry so much that we don't even go! Instead of asking WHAT, we should be asking this instead...

They are waiting for you.

They are waiting for you.

As I walked I could barely open my eyes because of the white reflection off of the gravel, but I could hear it crunching under my feet. It's days like that when it's tempting to turn around go back inside and into the shade. 

Just as I was feeling that temptation I heard the voice of Stevenson, a boy from the local village running up to meet me with a grin on his face.

"They're waiting for you!" he said.